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How RNG is Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is taking garbage and sewage that would have released Green House Gas when decomposing and reducing its harmful impact by turning it into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

In addition to polluting the air, decomposing garbage and human and animal sewage stored on the ground or tanks could contaminate the soil and pollute groundwater.

With RNG’s process for creating Renewable Natural Gas there is no need to pile up garbage and store sewage where it has the potential to harm the earth and people.

RNG uses waste products that would have released Green House Gases when decomposing where they were being stored and instead converts them into Renewable Natural Gas.

There is no fracking involved, and no need to drill into the ground to pull decomposing stuff out of the earth.

And the production of RNG and the burning of it releases less Green House Gas than if the waste was left decomposing in storage without processing.

By taking waste products and using them to make RNG, the production helps prevent soil and groundwater contamination by keeping decomposing stuff off the earth.

Instead of Green House Gases just being released into the atmosphere when waste decomposes, when converted into RNG those gases can be used to generate power or to heat your home before just going into our skys.

Visit to learn more about NW Natural’s RNG commitments to a voluntary carbon savings goal: 30% by 2035.

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