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The CCCollaborator App is to help you discover who is accelerating the trend towards using business for both profit and purpose.

  • Those you see on the Leadersboard are taking actions to drive awareness and adoption of Conscious Capitalism principles.
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Leadersboard TOP 20
  1. Boone Bergsma
  2. Kymm Nelsen
  3. SuperDapp
  4. Vawn
  5. Kymm
  6. Monica Bourgeau
  7. Greg Rochford
  8. Scott Pickard-Jones
  9. Matthew Koren
  10. Erik Croswell
  11. Jami Haaning
  12. Tom Hering
  13. B Local PDX
  14. Kim Smith
  15. Linkedin Local PDX
  16. Navaelukas
  17. Daniel bartholomew
  18. Raina Evans
  19. Andhi


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