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Vawn Hicks

Vawn Shandy Hicks

Vawn Shandy Hicks is the Co-Chair and Marketing Manager of Conscious Capitalism Portland. After attending the Portland Chapter’s first Elevate Business conference in 2018, Vawn experienced several ah-ha moments as she learned about the 4 tenets (Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture), and how easy they made it to understand something that is hard to put words to. As she connected with the room full of business leaders who are striving to make a positive impact in this world, she had another ah-ha moment – These are my people!

Vawn holds Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in Business Administration. She has worked in Marketing, Healthcare, Human Resources and has been recognized for bringing innovation to the workplace. Vawn channels her energy to attract new members and help create impactful experiences for the Conscious Capitalism Portland tribe.

Vawn is passionate about the Conscious Capitalism movement and strives to inspire others to elevate humanity through business. As her involvement in the Portland Chapter continues to grow, she becomes more passionate about supporting a positive, progressive business community here in the Pacific NW.

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Get ready for Stakeholder Capitalism and Purpose-Driven Business
Elevate Business 2020
Conscious Capitalism Portland is the local chapter of Conscious Capitalism International, a global movement helping forward-thinking leaders reframe the way they do business to focus on its higher purpose, embrace the interests of all stakeholders, and bring consciousness to leadership and business culture. CCPortland serves the Portland metro area, Salem, NW Oregon, Vancouver, WA, Clark County, WA, and SW Washington. We help connect, educate, and inspire businesses, organizations, and individuals who share a commitment to elevate humanity through business.
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